How my printer is at the end of service life? need help

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My Epson printer is showing an error that says my printer have come to the end of service life. The light is flashing with orange color. What is the meaning of this? Is it fixable?

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How my printer is at the end of service life? need help


Don't worry because the error that appears on your computer doesn't mean that your printer is going to be broken. The error simply means that the waste ink pads of your printer until you replace it with new ones. If you received the error for the first time, those ink pads won't be full because you need to reset the counter. The ink gets nestled in its pads on the initial setup for printing and for cleansing and printing border-less. This usually happens when the printer usage is too high or has been used for some years already. 

Try to fix your printer first before you decide to change it with a new one. It doesn't really come from the printer itself but it is just a small page counter from within your Epson printer which cause the error to appear after printing specific number of pages. Try the fix below before you decide to buy a new one:

1. Download the SCC Service Utility. And then install it on your computer. After successful installation, launch the program.

2. Choose the Protection Counter option to show the Current value and the Maximum value of the printed pages.

3. Remember that the basis of the issue started from the maximum value of pages that is permitted to be printed. It will be the Current and the Max values should match.

4. On the Protection Counter, select Reset Protection Counter.

5. After that, click the Clear Counter Overflow and then revert the Current Value to 0.

6. Restart your computer.

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