How to merge two SQL database

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How to merge two sql database? Is there an easy way to merge two sql database with thesame structure but has different data? Database 1 should not overwrite database 2. I also need database 2 to control database 1 and overwrite it if the need arises. Is this actually possible? I need a step by step guide please.

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How to merge two SQL database


There is no easy way to merge two databases. You could use a 3rd party application such as RedGate SQL Data Compare to overcome a lot of manual work. However the software is not free.

You may also check the Data Inspector software which is a free tool and see if that helps.

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How to merge two SQL database



I recommend using Data Inspector. It is free application which enables you to synchronize multiple databases, merge, effective use of diff algorithm, comparing multiple database so you can ensure if merging is fully completed etc. It is fully functional application.

You can download it from here:

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How to merge two SQL database



Hello Damon Healy

I hope you are fine. I am giving a solution step by step:

Never use the copy database wizard anytime.

At first Go to SQL Enterprise Manager.

Click right on your database.

Generate SQL Script. Script out the database and all objects.

Open generated file on Query Analyzer.

Change database name.

Execute the script.

You will get problems now for duplicate primary key for 2 sets of table and with any foreign primary keys. Other things you have to overlook before moving the data are constraints and triggers. After all of the matters compensated, use DTS all of the data of original 2 dbs. You have to figure it out. You have to clean these up by using queries. Hope the process will help you.

There is lots of software in online to make it easily.

With Thanks

Greaney Mary

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