How many shells are using in Linux?

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Hi this is Dunley, Any one can tell me what exact number of shell use in Linux?

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How many shells are using in Linux?


Hey Dunley, There are dozens of shells for Linux OS. The most popular are:

bash (Bourne-Again Shell)
ksh (Korn shell)
ash (Almquist shell)
dash (Debian Almquist shell)
BusyBox (based on ash)
fish (Friendly Interactive Shell)

Theses are very powerful shell in Linux OS, you can control all systems using these shells, and in windows we are familiar with command prompt like shell.

Nimrod Abbot

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How many shells are using in Linux?


Hi Eliza,

It is not possible to answer to your question properly. Because the number of shells for Linux is not fixed.

There are many shells for Linux. But I can tell you some names of shell which are very popular.

The most popular shells are:

Shell                    Description
bash                    (Bourne-Again Shell)
ksh                      (Korn shell)
zsh                      (Z Shell)
ash                     (Almquist shell)
dash                   (Debian Almquist shell)
BusyBox           (based on ash)
fish                     (Friendly Interactive Shell)

Thanks for asking.




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