Recover data from formatted Hard Drive.

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I am  installing ubuntu on my system (F: drive) along with Window 7 which is already installed on it.I got an error as "No root file system is defined".I changed the file system from NTFS to EXT2 ,formatted the drive and tried again.

Unfortunately, I chose E:drive in place of F: drive. So, my all data lost from E: drive. Also, since its file system has changed, it is not visible in window 7.

However, when i go to computer management .I see the image which is attached here with. Can anyone suggest a way to recover the data from the formatted drive as it contains some important data.

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Recover data from formatted Hard Drive.


Yes, it is still possible to recover a partition that was accidentally been deleted or formatted. But, that is, if you haven’t yet saved any new files on the newly formatted partition.

I mean, after you accidentally changed the partition’s type, e. g. from NTFS to FAT32 or NTFS to FAT64, then formatted it, you have not yet copied or moved any files to it.

Because if you already did transfer some files to it, then the possibility of recovering the partition is already gone because the sectors of the hard drive were already overwritten by another data.

In case it is still untouched after being formatted, you can still recover the previous partition using PartitionMagic. Search the internet if you can find a free download for this program because it is already obsolete.

It was originally made by PowerQuest Corporation but later owned by Symantec, the company who creates Norton Antivirus. Because in December 8, 2009, the Symantec website stated that they will no longer offer PartitionMagic.

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