How to make my PC perform fast?

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  • Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz 2.94 GHz
  • Installed (RAM): 1.00GB
  • System Type: 64bit Operating System
  • OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

I just bought this PC a few weeks ago and the performance is too slow. Last time I've learned that the Windows 7 operating system is made faster than other OS like Windows Vista. Why it is too slow? Even if it is run by a faster processor, which they say that it has faster performance and very responsive in multitasking. I still have 13.4GB free space on my Drive C: and I think it is still enough or more in which a PC performs well and  won't crawl like a turtle. 🙂

I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 installed which is not that heavier, than the other version of Photoshop. It will take 5-8 seconds to open it and I think it's not normal. I already tried not using unnecessary services of Windows 7, such as print spooler. Since I don't have printer, themes, windows search, gadgets and thumbnails.
I actually downloaded and used a shampoo accelerator but still it doesn't give any improvement in the performance. I have already installed Faronics Deep Freeze, just to avoid files being saved without noticing it. Are there any ways that could make the PC performs fast? I need good advice please because with this I feel like I'm waiting for a falling star.
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How to make my PC perform fast?


Your processor speed is high enough but you need to increase the capacity of your RAM from 1GB to about 3GB. RAM is important since every data being processed must be stored and fetched from there by the processor. The processor speed is actually a clock rate, measuring the number of calculations that can be done in one cycle .

Another way is to free up disk space through use of the disk cleanup. To use it ; open click start accessories>system tools>disk cleanup. It will remove unnecessary files, installed programs not being used.

Use disk defragmenter to speed up access of data, since unfragmented disk stores data in various sectors on disk, once you select a file, it must first be put together this increases access time.

Use an error checking utility on your hard disk, I recommend using a program called TuneUp utility. It repairs registry errors and also give you tips on how to speed up your computer.

Prevent unnecessary programs from running, review all your program settings and prevent them from running at startup.

Adjust visual effects for best performance, open control panel>system>advanced system setting then click on advanced tab finally click on performance.

Increase your virtual memory go to control panel system>advanced system setting click on the advanced tab performance and increase your virtual memory to about 4GB

Scan for malicious programs such as Trojans, Adware’s and Spywares. Some of them consume your system resources.

Since you are using Photoshop invest in a graphic card of about 1GB, highly recommended are the Nvidia GE force or ATI Radeon.

The last resort is reinstalling your operating system, after you have backed up your files.

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How to make my PC perform fast?


I had a similar problem running AutoCAD, try turning off Windows Aero. It actually helps.

And yeah you need more RAM ASAP.

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How to make my PC perform fast?


Every day you visit the internet you download a lot of files, mainly cookies which store information about the sites you visit. Deleting these files can create extra disk space and may improve your performance.

Use a registry cleaner software, to remove keys that use your processing but add no value. These keys more than often cause software conflicts inside your operating system, dragging the whole operations being executed. Increase available disk space by reducing items on your desktop and also remove files not part of your operating system, from the drive you have installed the operating system.

Open your laptop or take it to a technician for it to be dust blown, accumulation of dust leads to overheating of the processor this affects the processor greatly reducing its performance. Adjust the power settings of your laptop by changing it from power saver to High performance. Right click on the battery icon to do this.

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