How to make ms word file into gif format?

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Is it possible to convert ms word file in to gif format?

How can i convert ms word file into gif format?

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How to make ms word file into gif format?



Hello Explorenat,

I have read your concern regarding Microsoft Word file to be converted into a .GIF format. In manual conversion, you cannot apply it anywhere but if you do have a software converter, surely you can. A word document can only be saved as:

“Word Document.doc”

“Word 97-2003 Document.docx”

“Word Macro-Enabled Document.docm”

“Word Template.dotx”

“Word Macro-Enabled Template.dotm”

“Word 97-2003”

“Single File Web Page (*.mht, *.mhtml)”

“Web Page (*.htm, *.html)”

“Web Page, Filtered (*.htm, *.html)”

“Rich Text Format.rtf”

“Plain Text.txt”

“Word XML Document.xml”

“Word 2003 XML Document.xml”

“OpenDocument Text.odt”

“Works 6-9 Document.wps”

But if you are really eager in converting it to .GIF file, you can purchase a converter anytime. I hope I am in the right track of understanding your concern and give you a hand to fix the problem.

I hope this information is of good help.



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How to make ms word file into gif format?


There are many converting software that not only convert MS word file to gif file but also some other form to another. Many software are available from search engine. Even you can find converter from Microsoft's site. So i do not going to tell or give any link about a converting software.

But I have a technique,it may help you.First of all open your MS word document and be careful that the page is optimized to the screen size. Now press on "Print screen sysRq" located just after F 12 of your keyboard. Now open a Photoshop program and click on edit and then click on paste. Now edited the pasted image,cut the unnecessary parts and save as you like. You may save as in gif format or in jpg,jpeg or others.

In the same manner you can take a screen shot of your monitor anytime,from any program.

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