How to make calls on synchronous Silverlight?

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Silverlight only supports asynchronous mode, but I have a project that needs the use of Silverlight and WCF programs.

The problem is that, I can’t make the calls synchronous using the Silverlight application.

How am I supposed to pursue this project using those applications?    


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How to make calls on synchronous Silverlight?


Hello Michelle Hernandez,

First to make calls from silver light, you will need to have the WCF services configured. But the calls in this case might be asynchronous. Otherwise if you try to make synchronous calls the silver light user interface will eventually lock up, and even hung completely.

The asynchronous calls are made possible using the .NET framework whereby you will be required to provide a delegate call when you are done making the call using the asynchronous method. The good thing that the call is no blocking and you can be sure that it will return to you very fast.


Clair Charles


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