How to login into multiple accounts in the same browser?

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I want to make use of any feature available in browsers such as incognito window or private window etc to be able to login into multiple accounts of yahoo at the same time? I am taking yahoo website as just an example. It is required for my project here to simulate and test a few features on my html page. It is an intranet page with option for multiple people logon and share ideas across. Is it really possible to have multiple accounts logged in at the same time in multiple tabs or windows? I can do with three browsers as of now. But if I have to simulate 10 users login, I cannot afford 10 different browsers right? What is the best solution possible?

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How to login into multiple accounts in the same browser?


It is possible to add any number accounts in a single browser. If you want to sign into different accounts on the same website, then you will have to open multiple Gmail accounts one after another for that.

Steps to add multiple accounts in Google Chrome.  

Step 1: First you have to open one Gmail account.

Step 2: Click on the account button on the top right hand side of the browser. There you will get an option to add account.

Step 3: Click on the ‘add account’ box. Enter the user name and password of second account. Second Gmail account will open now.

Step 4: If you want to add one more account, follow the steps from step 2.

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