IE Explorer Application Initializing Error

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Greetings friends,

It is a great evening but with some hurdles for everyone and for me also as I am having a problem in running Internet Explorer on my computer.

 The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142). Click OK to terminate the application.

I had Internet Explorer 7.0 on my computer running perfectly. So, I thought to upgrade it, and I installed its version 8.0. The installation got completed but after the installation when the computer restarted, and the startup screen appeared and I open the explorer new version I received this error message that the application failed to initialize.

Can anyone tell me why this error appears as I re-installed the explorer and tried again but got same error response from the computer?

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IE Explorer Application Initializing Error


iexplore.exe Application Error is sometimes caused by some Spyware or malware in your OS.  Most spywares are just sneaking into the explorer.exe executable file and when you did the restart it run into the background.  To free your system from possible infections, download some Antimalware software and run it. Also make sure to run important Windows Update for IE and OS.

You also need to set up your IE Security settings for ActiveX. That could be done by going in to:

Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > click Custom Level. Under ActiveX section make sure that the following is true.

  • Download signed ActiveX controls is set to Prompt.
  • Download unsigned ActiveX controls is set to Disable.
  • Initialized and script ActiveX controls are set to Disable.

Such iexplore.exe Application Error can also be caused with some of your Toolbar add-on. It is best to try uninstalling Toolbar add-ons like Yahoo Toolbar, Google or MSN Toolbar.

You can use the Add/Remove programs option in your control panel.


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IE Explorer Application Initializing Error


You can have this method.

You need to visit Windows Update and make it sure you have all updates needed for the operation. Adjustments for ActiveX as to be set. Proceed to Internet Options/Security Internet and hit default level and click Ok. Press the tab of Custom Level. From the section of Active X set the option of Download Signed Controls to Prompt while the other one option the Download Unsigned Controls to Disable. Unmark then the Initialize option.

Please download and install these programs:

  • For spyware blaster:
  • For spyware guard:
  • For IE/Spyad:
  • For Bugoff:

Install then the Spyware Detection and removal programs.

Then next the Spoofstick, which helps the user detect fake website. Next set again the system restore for Windows XP only.

Now check your problem.

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IE Explorer Application Initializing Error


You may use the System File Checker (SFC.exe) tool to solve this problem. SFC.exe itself will locate and replace the file which is causing the error. Here are the steps that need to be followed:

1. Open command prompt with administrator privileges. Go to Start >Accessories; right-click on Command Prompt and select the Run as administrator option from the pop-up menu.

Note: if the system asks for an admin password or a confirmation, enter the password or click Allow, to proceed.

2. In the command prompt console type the following command and press Enter:

scf /scannow

This command will scan all the protected OS files and automatically replace the ones with incorrect versions with their correct Microsoft versions.

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