How to know if my computer is being manipulated with Intruders?

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Hi Guys,

Is there a way to check if my computer is being manipulated with some intruders? My system was being accessed illegally few days before so now that I applied some restrictions, I want to know if its possible to determine if my computer is still under the intruders control. I just want to make sure that I am safe from them.


Thanks for you time and help.

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How to know if my computer is being manipulated with Intruders?


Hi ShaheenIqbal20,

First close all the programs that is open and then go to "start" button , type "cmd" , write "netstat -ano" and then hit enter. And then you will see if your computer is being accessed illegally. If you see that state "Established".  By removing the intruders   first write down the PID number that state "Established" and then minimize the "cmd" and then go to window task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter at the same time and then the window the task manager will pop up.

Go to processes tab, press view, select columns, and then mark the PID ( Processes Identifier ) and then press ok and then you will see the number that the same in "cmd" window that is "Established" . Locate and right click the one that have the same number in "cmd" window that is state established and then click "end processes" and the service will closed and the intruder will stop doing the infiltration. And check the "cmd" window if the "Established" is still there if not then you are now safe.

Hope this will help,

Gothman Pil

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