How to know if computer is being attack by intruders?

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I’m just wondering, what are the signs of a computer being attack?

Sometimes when I get a virus on my computer, but I do not worry about this because I have a good Antivirus that will wipe the entire virus in my computer.

But these viruses especially Trojans is a tool for intruders to get a hold on our computer.

How do I know if intruder has got into my computer?

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How to know if computer is being attack by intruders?


A computer that has been attacked is sometimes difficult to tell. In most cases you cannot even notice any changes on your computer. The most common signs or a change on a computer that has been attacked is as follows.

  1. If you found out that there are new programs installed on your computer and you are the only user of the computer, then this could be done by a intruder. The reason for installing these programs is to act as a back door for the intruder to gain a control of your computer.
  2. Your computer passwords have suddenly changed. A intruder aims for your identity, changing passwords of your accounts, including e-mails.
  3. Slow computer connection even when accessing just one website but it takes you a several minutes to load. To detect unknown connections you must install bandwidth monitor to know the different programs that are using your internet connection.
  4. When you computer does things by itself like when a intruder is connected to a computer remotely then can remote control you computer, a moving cursor without you moving the mouse.
  5. New toolbar have installed on your Internet browser or your homepage suddenly changed because your browser has been hijacked.
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How to know if computer is being attack by intruders?


Here are signs when your computer is being attcked:

  1. Disabled daylight savings time
  2. Time clock at the desktop is late or ahead of time
  3. Absence of icons on network places
  4. With Windows flat form, screen will pop-up. 
  5. Computer system reboots its self
  6. Presence of Usenet remarks 
  7. Modification of personal files

These are some manifestation of being attacked but on most cases you cannot detect its early symptoms then.

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