How to keep a PC running at peak performance?

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Hi Experts!

I want to know how to keep my pc running a peak performance? How can I optimize and increase the speed? There are times that I am using my PC in editing videos, pictures, uploading large files, downloading files from the internet and web browsing. The tendency for this if we do all this at the same time is my computer will run slow. How can I make my computer run faster? Does anyone have a suggestion? Please let me know.



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How to keep a PC running at peak performance?


There are many things that you can do to make your computer work in its peak performance. In some branded CPU, like DELL for example, there is an option in the BIOS for changing the mode of the hard disk. This means you can change the access speed of the hard drive if you want to go faster or slower. In a DELL OPTIPLEX GX260 series CPUs, it shows 3 modes: Silent, Manufacturer’s Setting, and Performance. Silent means the hard disk will go in Silent Mode where it spins a little bit slower and you can hear less chirping sound. If it spins slower it means the data access is slower too. In Manufacturer’s Setting, the hard disk operates on the manufacturer’s set default mode which is between Silent and Performance. I think this is the normal mode. In Performance, the disk operates in its optimal speed which is the fastest setting available on the disk. Even if what brand of CPU or motherboard you have if you have this option in the BIOS, select Performance mode to improve data access in your computer.

Defragmenting your hard drive regularly also helps in improving the performance of your system. This arranges all the file bits and fragments that are scattered everywhere on the hard drive moving and packing them together in one place so that the system will not spend more time searching for the other fragments of the file when loading a program or application and thus improves the data access. Update your antivirus regularly and run a regular schedule of full system scan on your computer to detect early infections. Viruses tend to slow the performance of a computer that’s why you need to have a good antivirus to protect your system from being penetrated by any malwares.

Run a regular disk check in all of your hard drives using any disk utility application or just use Windows disk check utility. This helps in detecting any errors in the hard drive’s file structure that may prevent some applications from launching. Errors also cause some applications to run improperly and exhibit some abnormalities in its functions.

You can also use third-party applications that helps boost computer performance like Dr. Salman’s Windows Power Tools which can be downloaded here. This application helps boost the computer’s performance, makes applications load much faster, improves the speed of the Start menu, makes the computer shutdown faster, and bunch of other stuffs that you can use in its panel.

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How to keep a PC running at peak performance?


Hi Mdarifsadik,

Brother you should have mentioned your operating system to better understand the settings. So I will be explaining this question by considering the most widely used operating systems. XP/VISTA/7

In XP Environment,

Normally Xp utilizes a very large part of your ram and you have very less operating part of RAM for working environment. So in case you have a pc with low RAM, the performance optimization techniques/tweaks provide a better utilization of your computer’s resources to optimize according to your needs.

            Xp’s basic function provides a performance tweak itself which is very less known by people. You are recommended to do the following steps to enable that performance based built in feature in XP.

Click on “My Computer” and Press “Alt + Enter “

In “System Properties” select “Advanced” tab. And then Click on “Settings” button under the “Performance” head.

In Next window Select the “Advanced” tab again.

And you will see a window like below.

These are some main features of windows xp to better utilize the resources available. Depending on the computer’s resources you may need to adjust the “Processor Scheduling” to work more for “Programs” or for “Background Services”.

            *Background services are sometimes known as all applications placed on your system tray and hidden services. You can see those hidden services by typing “services.msc” without quotes in the run dialogue box.

            *Memory Usage is allocated for the system and it can also be adjusted to better work for your cache or your programs. So again depending on your system’s resources it can be altered.

            *Virtual memory can also be optimized to better utilize the peak level of your computer’s performance. Usually it is recommended at double size of your RAM.

Refer to the following site of Microsoft that ensures the integrity of your computer along with the best performance through utilization of available system resources.


In Windows Vista/7:

In windows 7 and vista environment, you can not just alter the system needs but also make them minimize for better use of your personal programs.In the same settings menu under the system properties you can set the windows 7 for better use of available resources.

-You can go through the following check list to make sure the system integrity along with optimal performance.

  • By turning of the visual effects
  • By Adding more Ram to your computer
  • Checking for viruses and spywares
  • By running less programs at the same time
  • Make sure to regularly clean up your hard disk
  • You must specify which program to run at startup by going to Run dialog box and write “msconfig” without quotes. In the startup tab choose the necessary programs executed at startup.
  • By deleting the unused programs.

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