How to join Google affiliate network

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I have tried to sign in to Google affiliate network with my Google Ad sense account email id but did not go through. I would like to be in Google affiliate network so as I can put advertisers & show their ads on my site.
When I try to add an affiliate it says: Affiliate Network .

Sorry, your Google Account is not registered with this product. Sign in as a different user.

So what could I do now?

Thank you.

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How to join Google affiliate network


Hi Kurtt stewart,

You want to join Google affiliate network. That’s great. Do you have Google ad sense account? If not you can’t join Google
affiliate network. At first you have apply for Google ad sense. Then you can join Google affiliate network. It’s completely free.

Thanks. Have a nice day. Feel free to ask any question.
Mothy Stewartyi

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How to join Google affiliate network


Hi Kurtt,

Sign in to become an Affiliate member. You must register first to the Google products If you want to become an affiliate marketer/member. Affiliate marketing would be a great way to earn extra or additional cash when someone click your ad then sign up there and finally he bought the product. then you will have commission depending on how much percentage the buyer or the owner would want to distribute or give to you.

There are many Google products that offers Affiliate marketing you just browse one by one so you can sign up and start to earn money Google's product are Adwords, I know this one offers membership for Affiliate Network, Google Friend Connect, iGoogle, Alerts, You tube, Google Chrome Sync, Blogger, Google + 1, and many other products. Anyway, If you want to have your own business online aside from Affiliate marketing you can try Google'd Business Solutions. Advertise on Google, Improve how you work and Optimize your website. Here is the link:

Steele Ney

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How to join Google affiliate network


Hello Kurtt,

I was using the google affiliate network, so I am compatible to give answer to your question. You must first create Google adsense account which can help you to use the affiliate network. It is a good way to earn money using the Google ads, but only use it if you have a page with a lot of visitors. Using scams like multiple clicking from one IP address will suspend your account. I feel that on my own skin. I think this answer will help you to solve your problem.

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