How to install Linux via USB?

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Can we install Linux operating system via USB  as Windows operating systems.

I want to keep both windows and Linux

As my operating system in my personal computer.

Any help would make me happy.

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How to install Linux via USB?


To install Linux to a USB device, you will need to prepare your flash drive first and have it formatted with FAT32 as the file system. After that, you may install 7-zip which is free and really useful in compressing files.

Then download Syslinux as the bootloader to make your USB device bootable. Once done then just follow the step-by-step procedures on these websites to further finish the installation of your Linux to your USB flash drive.

How to install nearly any Linux distro using a USB flash drive and UNetbootin

Install Linux on a USB Stick in 5 Easy Steps

How to install Ubuntu Linux from USB Stick

All the links above have the procedures you need to install Linux and make your USB flash drive bootable for your system. 

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How to install Linux via USB?


Thanks for the help! I wanted to install Linux on my desktop along with my Windows.

I had Linux OS in my pen drive, but I didn’t know how to install it from a pen drive.

So this question and reply helped me a lot!

Thanks to author of the question and to the expert who replied.

Thank you very much

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