How to Install the latest Ubuntu in partition

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Hello Techies!

I wanted to get a step-by-step instruction on how I can possibly install Ubuntu on a partition I made.

I am using a Lenovo 7757.

I have Windows XP32 on my C: Drive and I wanted Ubuntu to be on the D: Drive (the partition).

I am using an external hard disk for the boot to install it and have tried both the pendrive and unetbootin.

However, when I have tried to boot from the external hard disk, I received "boot error" and cannot leave the black screen.

I do not know how to fix this, has anyone encountered the same trouble before?

Hope you can help me.

Thank you.

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How to Install the latest Ubuntu in partition

  1. Download latest Unetbootin and latest Download Ubuntu Desktop.
  2. Format/Reformat external drive or USB flash drive to FAT32.
  3. Run Unetbootin. In Unetbootin, choose "Disk Image" -> "ISO" -> specify your Ubuntu iso.
  4. Specify the correct external hard drive. Type must be "USB Drive" then specify the drive letter.

  1. Click OK and wait for the process to finish. If you followed the instructions correctly, no error would occur.
  2. After the process has finished reboot your computer and go into the boot device menu. Most systems provide special keys to control boot behavior and they display them at bios start up. It is either F12, F11 or F10.
  3. Once in the boot menu, choose to boot your external/flash drive.
  4. Once it boots, just choose "Default" at the boot menu. This will boot Ubuntu live CD with default options. This works with most systems.
  5. Once Ubuntu is booted, an icon to install Ubuntu is on the desktop.
  6. Click it and follow the instructions. The instructions and process are so simple. You will come to a point to choose how you want to install Ubuntu. An option to install it side by side with Windows is available. This option will not erase your Windows partition and will keep it as is. This option will install Ubuntu in the free space available.
  7. After choosing the option to install Ubuntu side by side with Windows, just follow the rest of the instructions and you will do fine.


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How to Install the latest Ubuntu in partition


Hello there, i hope this can help you install Ubuntu in a separate partition:

Here is the steps by step guide.

1.Insert the Ubuntu LiveCD installation disk and reboot the computer.

2.Press a key to boot from CD, if prompted. Otherwise, allow the computer to boot from the Ubuntu CD.

3.Click the "Install Now" button at the main menu screen. The first option presented to the user will be the partitioning configuration.

4.Click the radio button next to "Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup" to allow Ubuntu to partition the drive automatically, keeping the original partition and operating system intact.

5.Click the "Manually Edit Partition Table" to launch GParted, the Linux partitioning tool. Click "Resize/Move" from the top navigation bar. Drag the right side of the partition bar toward the center of the bar to create space for a new partition. Click the "unallocated space" you just created by shrinking the current partition. Click "New." The New Partition dialog box will open. Select "Linux" and select "ext 2" for the file system type. Click "OK." The original partition is resized and a new Linux partition is created for Ubuntu.

6.Click "Forward" to continue with the Ubuntu installation.Click "Reboot the Computer" when prompted. The computer will restart using the new boot menu.

Click the first entry for Ubuntu to start the newly installed operating system.

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How to Install the latest Ubuntu in partition


Hi Philippe,

Are you going to dual boot, I’m guessing yes since you already have windows xp on a partition. If you are going to dual boot and on top of that, you want to boot from an external HDD then the first thing you should do is to set the boot parameters in bios to enable “Boot from USB device”.

Secondly installing Ubuntu or any other Linux distros as a second OS requires resizing the existing Windows partition, creating a swap partition, creating a root partition and creating a separate home partition.

Before going on I highly recommend backing up all of your important data.

First off is resizing the partition

The amount of space that is allocated to windows needs to be reduced in order to make enough disk space available for Ubuntu. A minimum of 5 GB space is required to install Ubuntu.

The Root partition is where Ubuntu

The Home partition is where your files are kept

The Swap partition is only twice the size of your primary memory (RAM, like if your ram is 2gb then the SWAP partition will need to be 4gb).

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How to Install the latest Ubuntu in partition


Thanks Google_man, Wagura lorna, and Rasoda Frak.

Thank you for the help regarding my Ubuntu installation.

Your responses are amazing.

Many thanks TechyV!

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