How To Install A Graphics Card With Different Methods?

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I am a Garmin lover. I want to take gaming to a next level and improve the performance of gaming. How to install a Graphics card?

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How To Install A Graphics Card With Different Methods?


It helps in improving the performance of gaming and take it to the next level.

Method 1:

Step 1: Before installing the new graphics driver, you need to uninstall the old one.

Step 2: Power down your computer and detach power cable.

Step 3: Remove screws to open the case.

Step 4: Location of PCIe slot is close to the processor. There you can find expansion slot.

Step 5: Be careful in removing an old card and then put the new one. Do not damage it. 

Method 2-

Step 1: When you open the case then take this opportunity to clean it.

Step 2: Without touching the contacts of the graphic card and only holding it from the edges, place it.

Step 3: Make the secure connections to prevent damage.

Step 4: Connect power connectors of card with power supply with the help of PCIe connectors.

Step 5: Close the case. Plugin the monitor and install the new drivers.

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