GPU Caps Viewer Error Occurred

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Hi dear,

I am playing games on my system but today I am trying to play games but I can’t do this.

Due to give Error I can’t play games. I double click at game icon but the error appears.

Please tell me its solution why this error appears again and again.

Is this error due to graphics problem.

GPU Caps Viwer Error CL Kernel compiler error

GPU Caps Viewer Error

            CL Kernel compiler error:


            Global variable

                        Must be declared in addSpace constant

            }          volatile float cs= 0.0f;


            Variable “cs”

                        Was set but never used

            }          float cs= 0.0f;

            1 error detected in the compilation of


            vmbc –o “C

Please provide me a complete detail how can I remove this error so that I can again play games on my system.

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GPU Caps Viewer Error Occurred


Here you need to a copy of GPU Caps Viewer software. Download GPU Caps Viewer from GPU Caps Viewer website, install it, and set your screen resolution.

Open your control panel and uninstall the video game. Download a good antivirus, install it. And scan your computer. Because the virus attacked your computer and any video game file has corrupt.

Reinstall your video game. Then scan your video game clearly. After scanning, run your video game, no problem show abuts your video game on the screen ok. Restart your computer and run your video game no problem again ok play and enjoy your video game ok.

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