How I can make my computer faster again?

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My computer is rather slow lately. My windows explorer is always non-responsive. Especially when I perform search in my local files. I've already performed anti-virus check and still problem persists. How I can make my computer faster again?

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How I can make my computer faster again?


There are some steps that you can perform in order to increase the performance of your PC. Please follow the below instructions.

1. Remove spyware through a better antivirus program. I prefer to use "Microsoft Security Essentials" because it performs better and won't slow down your computer.

2. Free up the Disk Space as much as you can through,

* Clear recycle bin

* Clear temporary internet files.

* Delete installed programs that you do not use anymore.

3. Run a disk defragment.

* Click on "Windows button" and type "disk defragment". Then analyze the disk and if it is fragmented more than 10% do a disk defragment. It will clear all unnecessary  date stored in your PC.

4. Run the error checking utility in Windows OS and it will also help to clean up the system.

5. If you are still having problems try upgrading to WIN 7.

6. Always try to use facilities like "ReadyBoost" on your PC when using external Flash memory.

7. Try installing new updates to your PC because it will help to speed up your PC.

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How I can make my computer faster again?


Hello Ingridgonzalou,

I also encountered this kind of problem before with my Win7 computer. A quick way to fix the "Windows Explorer is not responding' error is to launch Task Manager and check which programs or process are not responding or taking too much CPU/Memory. Usually, programs that eats too much memory/processes would cause the computer to freeze/hang. You are lucky if that resolves your issue.

If you are constantly experiencing computer lock-ups or if the computer's performance is really very slow, the troubleshooting process may be a bit tedious. Here's what I usually do for my client's who are having this problem:

1. Run several anti-virus and malware scans. No single software is perfect. There are some viruses or malware that can be detected by one software but not with the other. Malwarebytes and Super Anti-Spyware works best for me.

2. After the scans, which can take quite a while, run CCleaner and Iobit. These are software that enhances/optimizes your computer's performance.

3. Check Services and Startup programs. Go to Start > Run > type "msconfig" on the run box and hit enter. Click on the Services tab, tick the box "Hide all Microsoft services". It should show the rest of the services. You now need to check if you want the programs listed there. If not, disable them. Next, you have to go to Startup tab and click Disable All. You will still see everything on the list. This time you just need to select or tick the box next to the programs you really need during Startup. It is advisable to only enable Startup programs that you think are necessary upon turning on/starting up your computer.

I hope this helps!

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