How to get rid of code game samsung wave?

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Hello friends,

How to get rid of code game Samsung wave? Every time I load up some game application in my Samsung wave mobile phone there are some game codes that pops up on the screen, it annoys me too much. I have to cancel it over and over again. What should I do to remove it?

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Rebecca Green.

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How to get rid of code game samsung wave?


Hello Rebecca,

You are annoyed by the pop up screen of codes when you are playing games on your Samsung wave phone. You want to get rid of this problem. You have gone through the game menu then setting and then there you will find the ignore forever the pop up screen. Just activate this you will find your result. The codes will never disturb you again. Wish you play the game with any disturbance.

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How to get rid of code game samsung wave?


Hi Rebecca,

The problem is in your game set-up. You have to change your game settings to prevent this. Just follow the steps given below:

1) Go to your game menu and choose options.

2) Select 'settings' there.

3) You will find an option 'pop up visibility' or something like that. Open it and select 'never show' or 'do not show again'.

4) Save this set-up.

You will not see those pop up codes again.

Thank you for your question and enjoy.

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How to get rid of code game samsung wave?


If you play games on your phone and you see pop-ups on your screen, those pop-ups you see are ads. This is normal for free games you download on websites. Game developers earn by way of displaying or feeding ads while you play their games. This is their method of supporting the development of their existing and future games.

If you have an Android phone, downloading apps from the Google Play store will also give you different sorts of ads. Developers insert or feed ads not only with games but with normal applications as well. There are premium users who bought apps thinking that by buying the product it will eliminate the ads.

But they were wrong because developers still feed ads even if you are a subscriber or a premium user. You will see different negative feedbacks from customers or users who downloaded and used the product on Google Play. This is bad business for me as a customer.

If you want to download apps on Google Play, take time to read the feedbacks below the app you want to download to give you a hint on what to expect with the app. Unfortunately, there is no option to remove the ads because it is built-in with the app.

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