How to get free keypad login script?

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Hello Experts,

How to get free keypad login script? I want to get some scripting code from the internet or any tutorial on creating a related thing like keypad log in process. To all programmers out there I know you can help me about this issue, your suggestions will be a great help.

Thank you.



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How to get free keypad login script?


Since you are looking for a login script that can be applied on the keypad of a mobile phone, try creating the script below and see if this will work according to your specifications. See the instructions at HotScripts® – Where Web Development Starts | Keypad Login for your reference.


















<table class="tb" border=3>


<td colspan=3 align="center"><span class="spn">Enter 4 digit Pin code:</span></td>



<td><button class="btn" id="b1" onclick="value1()">1</button></td>

<td><button class="btn" id="b2" onclick="value2()">2</button></td>

<td><button class="btn" id="b3" onclick="value3()">3</button></td>



<td><button class="btn" id="b4" onclick="value4()">4</button></td>

<td><button class="btn" id="b5" onclick="value5()">5</button></td>

<td><button class="btn" id="b6" onclick="value6()">6</button></td>



<td><button class="btn" id="b7" onclick="value7()">7</button></td>

<td><button class="btn" id="b8" onclick="value8()">8</button></td>

<td><button class="btn" id="b9" onclick="value9()">9</button></td>



<form name="theForm" method="post">

<input type="hidden" name="theValue" id="theValue">



var temp = '';

function value1(){temp += 1;test_it();}

function value2(){temp += 2;test_it();}

function value3(){temp += 3;test_it();}

function value4(){temp += 4;test_it();}

function value5(){temp += 5;test_it();}

function value6(){temp += 6;test_it();}

function value7(){temp += 7;test_it();}

function value8(){temp += 8;test_it();}

function value9(){temp += 9;test_it();}

function test_it()


 if(temp.length == 4)


  document.getElementById("theValue").value = temp;

  document.theForm.action = "";







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