How to get Domain Controller?

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Can anyone provide me solution for the problem I am getting in Domain Controller?

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How to get Domain Controller?



We can get domain controller in two way

Using windows interface or using command line

In windows interface open the active directory user. In console tree right click on any folder and then click on find.

Or if you know which folder contain the domain controller, right click on that folder to narrow the search to that folder

Now in find you should click on computer and in role, click domain controller

If you don’t know in which folder domain controller is then click the domain you want to search in entire directory. click find now

Using command line open command prompt

Type: echo %logonserver%

Hopefully it works


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How to get Domain Controller?



The problem you having may be mainly with the network that you are working and the functions will be made mainly with DomainNameServer (DNS) and also with DHCP which is an acronym for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol sever which are generally to be referred as Active Directory with the help that is to be taken from 2003 Domain Controller Windows Server and if you get any crash at the server you can easily eradicate it with the replication by the DNS which is of primary and hope this solution helps in fixing your issue.

Good luck

Thank You.

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