How to Get Best DTR From LAN?

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I have a LAN (Local Area Network) of 50+ Computers and I always used this LAN to Transfer Data from One PC to Another. It is a Network of 100 Mbps but I never get this Speed. Please tell me:-

1.       How it is possible to get Best DTR From LAN?

2.       What is the Maximum DTR of 100 Mbps LAN?

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How to Get Best DTR From LAN?


Here are some important things that you need to consider in order to maximize the DTR using your LAN cable:

  • Use a switch or a router instead of a hub. The first two devices mentioned are much efficient in routing data within devices that are involved in the conversation.  Hub can slow down DTR because it communicated with all the devices connected to it, regardless if it is involved in the communication or not.
  • Take your hard disk into consideration. Check its maximum capacity in transferring data because exceeding it may result into slow DTR.
  • Cable length and quality of the cable are also important. Over long cable performs poorly. You should not be exceeding the maximum length of a standard Ethernet cable which is 100 meters long. Also, if you have a short cable but the quality is poor or the connector is broken, it could also lead to bottleneck DTR.

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