How to format a Nokia C5-03

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How can I format my new Nokia c5 – 03 phone and get it started I have it start from the box but don't understand the directions on the phone menu I need simple and direct ways?

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How to format a Nokia C5-03


Hello Quiqui,

When formatting a Nokia c5 – 03 phone, you can either choose to use a hard reset mechanism or a soft reset.

Format Nokia C5

Hard Reset:

Note that this procedure will get rid of your data and all the applications that you have installed. It will restore the settings of the phone to the default factory settings. This is how you do it:

  • First you will have to turn off the phone.
  • Then you will remove the battery and then reinsert in.
  • Turn the phone back on.
  • Next you will dial the following number: *#7370# , and then press the Yes or OK on the phone.
  • As simple as that you will have reset your Nokia c5-03.

Soft Reset

With soft reset, your data will remain intact. No harm will be caused to it. What this procedure does is to only restore the .ini files from the flash ROM on board memory of your phone. The following is how you work with a soft reset:

  • On your phone you will dial *#7780#
  • And then press OK or Yes.
  • Just that, and you will have reset your phone.



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How to format a Nokia C5-03


There are several ways to do so. But I'd like to say about one specific way. That is

Turn off the device > Pull out the battery and reinsert it back again, then power it ON > Simultaneously press and hold

*+3+Cal button(Green/OK)

After doing this your phone will restart again and all settings will be on default level.

Therefor phone is formatted.

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