How to format an Excel sheet?

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Working on an Excel sheet I format font size of the whole sheet .

But it is not working .I have to format cells again and again when I am doing copy/ paste.

Dear experts, what is the problem and what is the solution?

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How to format an Excel sheet?


There is a solution to your problem. Since you already formatted the destination cells, all you need to do is copy your cells the way you usually do it. When you want to start the paste, go right click. Then click paste special and click values.

The values will only be copied not the entire cell. While you are selecting the Paste Special, try to look at the other choices shown. If you choose text, this means that you are copying the entire data table from other excel file.

When all the data is paste to its proper column, you should open a new sheet, then paste as text into this blank sheet. Now copy the table and right click and paste values into your formatted destination sheet.  

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How to format an Excel sheet?


First select the whole sheet and go to format, cells and fonts. Then select the font type and the size you need as mentioned below.

This will make your whole excel sheet in your required font type and the font size.

Then what you want is to not to change this font type and the font size when you copy anything from anywhere.

For that you have to follow the steps as mentioned below.

Copy what ever you want in another file and go to the worksheet you already formatted for font, and then got o paste special. There are many options you have to select only value option. Then it will paste only the value or text, but not the format which had the original excel sheet. This can be done by the paste icon also. You only have to select the value option. The result will be what you want.

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How to format an Excel sheet?


People experience several formatting an excel workbook. Copying texts from Microsoft word documents and pasting them to excel cells is one of the problems people experience. What they do not know is that excel is not meant to work with large amounts of text. It’s possible to copy paste a text to excel but it will cover several cells because it is not applicable to a single cell. The following tips can help you perform the copy/paste format.

  • Highlight the text you want to paste and right click on it. Select copy on the dialog box that appears.
  • Open your work book and select a cell where you want to do tour pasting. Right click on the cell and from the dialog box select `Paste Special`. Another dialog box appears.
  • Highlight Microsoft Office Word Document Object from the box and select ok. Your text will be pasted in a space covering several cells.
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How to format an Excel sheet?


AS you mentioned in the question, although you have formatted the font size of the entire excel sheet it can be change when you copy data from anywhere and paste in this excel sheet because, the data that you copied could be in a different font size.

For an example,

If the font size of your whole document is 15 when you copy and paste a sentence from another sheet which the font size is 12 the font size of the pasted sentence will be 12.

However, if you want to keep the font size fixed for the all pasted data you can follow this method.

Copy the data that you want and right click on the cell that you want paste data then click on the paste special option.

Thereafter select the values click ok.

Now the font size the pasted data will be the same as the excel sheet. 

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