How to flash to the newest BIOS program?

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I have been trying for long to flash to the newest BIOS program.

However, I have not been successful to flash it.

An error message pop-up: Power Check Error, then the computer goes off.

How can this problem be solved?

Anybody with the solution in this, 

Can you please help me?

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How to flash to the newest BIOS program?


1. Try to identify the motherboard manufacturer/ brand;

2. Try to locate BIOS version of your motherboard, in order to locate it just turn on your computer then go to start and from sub menu choose run, then type the word msinfo32 and hit enter; The System Information will appear, and then find the BIOS version/Date and SMBIOS version;

3. Then open a web browser like Mozilla or Google, and then research for latest version/updated version of your BIOS, then download it.

4. After downloading the updated version, burn it in a CD and make it a bootable disk using an application like Nero, magicISO, ISO burner and etc.

5. After converting the CD into Bootable CD, insert the CD in a DVD/CD ROM then restart your computer;

6. After restarting your computer, hit the key Delete/ F2 or F8 (note: the key is depend on the motherboard manufacturer).

7. Then BIOS page will appear (see attached sample).

8. Look for advance BIOS Features, then configure it, the HDD-0 must be in the first priority.

Then hit ESC in the keyboard, the computer will ask you if you want to save the changes, choose Yes. then enter,

It will automatically generate, wait until it finished installing the updated BIOS.

Hoping it helps you,

Good luck.

Thank you.

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