How to fix Silverlight4 xps viewer ?

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I need to let my users view any xps document in web app . So, I am trying to integrate Silverlight4 xps viewer for this . I have found a simple xps that cannot be used in production environment . Now I need to know how I can fix Silverlight4 xps viewer ?


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How to fix Silverlight4 xps viewer ?


Hello Halin Dan,

I read about your problem and I think knowing what you need. The answer to your question maybe is Document Toolkit for Silverlight – gives to the developer new an efficient way to help shape product development. The Toolkit include open source code, plus design-time support for the browser plugin.
Or perhaps you can achieve the functionality you need other than will Silverlight render XPS content. A possibility is to render the XPS into an image on the server side and have the program shows this image.If you use whit combination whit Silverlight's DeepZoom functionality could give a good user experience.


Nathan H Underwood

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