How to fix low RAM error?

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Here is my problem and I hope that someone would help me figure things out.

I have my old computer with 7600 GT Nvidia card. I can very well run Crysis and some other high definition games with it. Even though sometimes, it will take a while before it loads up. I know this is likely because of low RAM.

How can I fix it? Help please.

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How to fix low RAM error?


Hello Carl,

Yes, your computer is indeed running on low memory and that is why it will take a whole while before it loads up. You need to upgrade the memory of your computer. To upgrade you will need to do the following:

  • Check the current memory that you have to memory which type is it; Is it a DDR1, DDR2, SDR or what? What size is it?
  • On your motherboard, check to see if you have an empty memory slot where you can add another RAM.
  • With the above verified, you will now purchase a memory which should be of the same type that you have so that you will slot it in the empty memory slot, or if there is no empty slot, you will just buy one bigger memory and replace the existing one.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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How to fix low RAM error?



If your RAM has an error or low performance,  just try these steps. 

Go to start ;  then right click  My computer and click the properties of the computer.  Go to System properties dialog box and select the Advance Tab.  Now go to performance pane and click the setting and select performance options dialog box.  Go to advanced tab again and next to the Virtual memory pane and click to change the Initial size value and maximum size value to a higher value. Click ok and close all windows.

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