22 inch Android tablet that is unveiled at Computer trade fair

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I am really interested about the release of the 22 inch Android tablet.

I heard it has a lot of features, but I am worried whether it has got the necessary compatibility features to use software packages like MS OFFICE 2010.

Can anyone get me an ensured answer to it?

It is really an important issue as I need to use MS OFFICE services quite a lot in my daily routine.

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22 inch Android tablet that is unveiled at Computer trade fair


The twenty two in. The mechanical man pill doesn’t have a compatibility option to use code packages like MS workplace 2010. However it's attending to be introduced in November 2012. Once it involves increasing the market share and the recital of a product, one might uncover a solution.

Somewhere, in spite of if it's from a pal or AN enemy.
That is what the code big Microsoft's guesses in remedial the market perspective of the productivity perform from its stables, the nice recent Microsoft workplace Suit.
No matter what percentage completely different productivity application programs square measure accessible on Smartphone and pill platforms, everybody 1st mulls over the Microsoft workplace suit attributable to its early emergence and recognition throughout the computer age.
At present, the Microsoft is preparing to roll out the workplace Suite application for 2 of its competition platforms comprising mechanical man and Ios.
In a manner, the corporate cannot assist itself launching AN edition for Ios and mechanical man devices viewing the rising fame of these platforms within the pill and Smartphone market.
So as a part of having some benefits from the augmentation of the competitors, Microsoft proposes to create their foot marks on these platforms by the approaching November after they introduce workplace for each mechanical man tablet additionally as iPad.
However, the workplace application from the corporate can raise up the harsh challenge to subsisting productivity application programs from CloudOn and OnLive apps that square measure already getable for these tablets.
The November temporal order of the launch is also ideal since they're busy with Metro-styled workplace for Windows eight tablets that've reported to witness the day’s light-weight in October.
Even though reports hint that the November launch can bring out ‘Office for iPad’ it seems that it's going to suit any device functioning on bound editions of Ios.
Thank you.


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