How to fix the error in Registry Fix

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Okay, so previously I have windows Vista and since my laptop was too old I thought that I should remove some programs and delete some files.

However, a friend of mine suggested that I should also clean up my Registry Fix.

So, I deleted some items which are connected to the programs which I deleted because I thought these are useless.

However, when I was about to change and reformat my laptop to Windows 7, I deleted the windows vista service pack so my registry fix is all empty. What should I do to fix my regedit?

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How to fix the error in Registry Fix



There are several application available to fix the registry errors.

However the best so far is a multi-tool program "Tune-Up One Click Maintenance Version 9".

Fixing registry errors is just one task that this fabulous application performs.

It performs many other useful tasks as well.

Install  Tune-up One click Maintenance version 9 and it will automatically scans for all the problems found in your windows installation including Registry. 

You just need to run the application.


Antti Tolli

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How to fix the error in Registry Fix


For fixing your Registry problem you have to follow my paths:

First you have to download Advance System Care. Then install it into your system. Then run it, you can see what about your PC Health. Now, come to the point now you have to click on Deep Care. You will see a check box named Deep Registry Fix, make sure that box is checked.

Then click on scan, after completing scan then you will see how many Registry errors you have then click on repair. Next complete the repair process then close the Advance System Care Program.

NB: When you first click on Deep Care, after come Deep Care window press down arrow and you will see Vulnerability Fix check box. If you want to update windows needed files then checked it or if you don’t want to update windows files then uncheck it. When you want to update your windows file make sure your internet connection is active.

Thank You !!!

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