How to fix e-mail that stops working in Windows XP?

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Hi everyone!

I am a Windows XP user, and I am in trouble due to an issue with my e-mail. The issue is that my ISP e-mail is no longer working as far as receiving e-mails.

When I try to access my e-mail via my web browser, a strange message box appears containing the message “Error occurred with your POP3 e-mail server. E-mail server regioline not responded. ” Then I have no other choice than to click the "OK". This is really very strange issue for me because I am a victim of this for the first time. It's irritating as well because it has not yet fixed even after many attempts.

To solve this issue, first, I checked my account setting (thinking that there would be some problem), but even after changing my account settings into default, the issue still has not been fixed. I also have tried adding exception in my firewall, but there is no positive effect and I am still not able to send an e-mail.

Well, I have done my best to get rid of this strange issue, yet I failed to fix it and now I need some help from you.

I need to know How to fix e-mail that stop working in Windows XP?



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How to fix e-mail that stops working in Windows XP?


With regards to your problem, as you have explained it, you have already tried two of the possible solutions. That is, you already tried a different XP installation CD and also changed your DVD drive. With this kind of issue, I’d say that there are very few things that you can do to solve your problem. I won’t be including the first two that you already have tried.

  1. Check your product key. It might be that you are not typing it correctly. Now, in the event that when you said that the system freezes or hangs during this step, what you really meant was that you are not able to type in anything at all then it might be something much worse.
  2. Now, since you are able to get into the set up page for windows, just that you cannot complete the installation process, I would assume that you are not getting any error. In that case, you might want to try to install XP again, but this time during the part where it asks you to format the drive, choose full format.
  3. A computer also hangs during installation of the operating system is also caused by incorrect configuration for your memory and processor. Check the configuration in the BIOS and make sure that everything is at default. Do not over clock. If you are using Corsair for your RAM modules, make sure that they are using the correct voltage.
  4. Over heating is also another problem. Though it should normally just shut it self down when it reaches a certain temperature, sometimes the system just freezes. Make sure that your system is clean from dust accumulation and that the vents are not blocked.
  5. You might want to also check the RAM Modules. If you are using multiple modules, try removing the others and just use one for the sake of installing XP. If that still does not work, rotate the modules, remove the current one and use the others that you have removed from the system.
  6. If you are able to, download HIREN’s Bootable CD. This is a compilation of tools that technicians use, and there are programs there that run outside of windows. You can use this to run diagnostic test on the RAM modules and hard drive. 
  7. The worst is that, since you did say that the system was running a little bit slow, then there might be a problem with the system. I have personally encountered this problem before where it freezes during installation and after days of trying to figure out what’s wrong, I found out that my processor is the culprit and I had to change it.

Hope this helps you out in figure what exactly might be wrong with your system.

Good Luck!

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How to fix e-mail that stops working in Windows XP?


This can occur due to viruses also. So check for viruses first.

Check this by changing your web browser. Sometimes it can be a program error.

You may also try reinstalling your browser.

Log to your account from another computer. If it works ask from your service provider about this problem.

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