How to fix cannot repair wireless connection issue?

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I am using a Dell Inspiron Laptop but I am having an issue with my wireless connection. The issue is that, my wireless connection does not work properly. Meaning it works sporadically (sometimes it works; sometime it fails to do so).

I am using an Ethernet cable. My SSID shows connected and excellent and also my AT & T service includes an IP, which is constant. I have adopted different ways to overcome this problem but none of them helped me to handle this issue.

To solve this issue, I tried repairing my wireless connection but it ends with a message as, “The Window cannot finish repairing because the DNS cache cannot be cleared”. I also have tried few command prompts but no use and now I am hopeful to get some idea here to fix this issue. So, I need to know How to fix cannot repair wireless connection issue?

I need some help as early as possible because I really need to run wireless connection, on my laptop as early as it can be. Any help/suggestion is highly appreciated.

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How to fix cannot repair wireless connection issue?


First thing you need to do is, check other wireless connections in the house if they are working. If you don’t have any other wireless computers or devices in the house, try to borrow one.

If connection is available and you are able to surf the internet on other devices, then there is no problem on your router or modem, you have to go to a local technician or an electronic store to have your laptop checked, if your wireless manager or driver is updated or needs repair.

Check for wireless interference in your router or modem, electrical equipment like microwave, halogen lamps, cordless devices like baby monitors and even treadmills can cause electromagnetic interference or EMI. If so, have the device that is causing EMI removed, from beside the router or modem.

If you can’t move the equipment and you need to relocate the router/modem itself, do not do it on your own, you might mess up the connection. You need to call AT&T and request for a technician to move the router/modem to a new location in the house. NOTE: There are certain fees like trip charge that will be applied when you request for a technician, so its better if you just remove the equipment that causes EMI.

Try to reset and power cycle your router/modem, at the back of the router/modem there is a small button for the reset, press and hold it for about 10 seconds then let go. After that, unplug the power cable at the back, wait for another 10 seconds; then plug it back in.

Wait for about 2-4 minutes, then check your laptop if you can detect your wireless connection. All the wireless settings will be set to default; you have to make sure that you have the default SSID or Network name and you know the default pass phrase or security key. If you have no information about the security key, check the sticker at the back of the router/modem.

Manually add the wireless network at home, using all the information on your wireless connection at home like SSID and pass phrase. Go to the “wireless connection” or “manager wireless networks” and select “change advance settings” on the left side of the screen.

On that page you have to first remove, all the wireless connections that you don’t normally use, then click on add; then select manually “create a network profile”; put in your SSID; on security type select WEP Personal; Encryption type select TKIP; then type the security key; check boxes remain the same. 

Click on next then test the connection. If the IP address is constant and it says that you are connected wirelessly, try checking your browser, click on FILE menu make sure that it’s not on “Working Offline” if it does uncheck to disable.

Try to use other browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome to see if they can pull up a website. If any of these work, then the problem is just with your browser.

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How to fix cannot repair wireless connection issue?


To resolve the wireless problem, follow these steps;

You computer has to connect to the IP address from the wireless connection for it to be connected to the network or internet, without accessing the addresses not connection can take place. The first thing is to ensure that the internet connection is up by opening a windows command prompt (windows key + R then type CMD and press Enter) and input “ping” the press Enter.

If you have a Linksys connection, then this should be your address otherwise if you are not sure of the address, first Goggle your box make model number then the term IP address.

The above procedure for ping you address is meant to ask for a reply back to your computer to ensure that both devices are communicating. You received a reply back but in case you get “request timed out or destination unreachable” then know that there is a communication breakdown between the machines. What you need to do first is to unplug or turn off the power source and then re-connect it back after 5 or so minutes. 

Sometimes there are instances whereby you get an excellent network signal but you are not able to connect to the internet or network. The problem here could be that you have used the wrong keys to access an otherwise good connection. The issues then therefore lies with the SSID and the WEP key, SSID is the network name and the WEP is the secret password set by the network administrator that allows for access to the internet or network.

There is a link at bottom that will give you more information about setting the WEP key. In case this doesn’t work, there problem could be your key card does not work well.

Another common problem is using your laptop at the office and at home, this may bring out two issues. One is that the Local Area Network (LAN) settings maybe set configured to your work network and not the home network. The other problem may be that the wireless card is not enabled. In order to change the LAN settings, you need to open the browser, click on Tools, then Internet Option, then connections and the LAN settings.

Uncheck the box with “Use proxy Servers for LAN” and click OK then try to reconnect. Remember to recheck it when you are at the office. To check if the wireless card is enabled, right click on My Computer, then on Properties then Hardware then finally the Devise Manager. Find the wireless network card and enabled it by right clicking on the red X icon. If this doesn’t work, then try this;

  • On the Start Menu click Run.
  • Then type "cmd" and press "Enter."
  • Then type "ipconfig /release" and press "Enter."
  • Lastly type "ipconfig /renew" and press "Enter." These actions will reset the computer connections to the DNS.

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