How to fix boot sector error?

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I am a newbie here guys and I have a great problem with my PC. Recently, when I was trying to start my PC, a message has popped out. The message says that there is a boot sector error and need the disk to setup or recover. Then, I tried to recover it with Ubuntu live CD and I saw that there is only one partition there. That even applies to my total hard disk.

What should I do?

Thanks friends.

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How to fix boot sector error?


This occurs when there is a problem, such as your BIOS can’t find any bootable sector. When your master boot sector record signature does not match with the certain value in a definite location, this error shows up. It makes your boot sector invalid.

For that reason, you won't be able to boot your PC.

 This can also occur if you have no active partition in the hard disk's partition table. For the first problem, you have to use Windows 7 DVD and then hit the F8 or F12 keys quickly.

That will open a system recovery tool. From there, select the Command Prompt. Now, give this command Boot Rec / fix boot. It will fix the corrupted boot sector.

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For the second problem, I think your hard disk has been formatted. In that case, you have to reformat it and create new partitions. First, create a System Partition.

Then, in your primary drive, setup your Operating System.

I think this method will solve the problem.

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