How to fix Blue Screen of Death(BSOD)?

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How to remove "BOSD" or Blue Screen of Death to my computer?

Whenever I start up my computer the Blue screen of Death appears and I have to restart my computer. I managed to get past the screen again and again, and when my computer continue to open up to desktop it becomes blue screen again. Only to have a bunch of error messages telling me the files in many of my applications (Google Chrome and Yahoo Messenger) are corrupted. I get many different error messages because of the blue screen. 
Please help me solve this problem. How will I remove "BSOD" from my computer?
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How to fix Blue Screen of Death(BSOD)?


Hello there,

Blue screen can be caused by hardware and software issue. I understand that having this BOSD can very frustrating since you won’t be able to use your computer properly while having it. Well, let me help with that. Since you are able to get to your desktop, this means that it’s not your OS which is causing the BOSD. One of your software or program might be causing it, or could be multiple programs. In order for us to know, here are the steps that you need to do. By the way, you need to have a security suite before you troubleshoot on the issue.
If are working on a desktop, try to clean your hardware before doing the steps I am about to give you. Check the slots of your RAM and VGA cards, unsecured slots can definitely cause BSOD as well. Once you’re done with the hardware, here is what you have to do:
  • Run your computer in safe mode (press F8 on start up to go to safe mode).
  • If you BOSD does not show up on safe mode, we are now sure that it’s not your OS.
  • While in safe mode, run a full system scan on your computer.
  • If malware is found, go ahead and quarantine them right away. Avoid deleting, some files might be used by other programs
  • Once all these are done. Boot computer in normal mode and see if we have fixed the problem.
Now, if you are still getting the BOSD, try to reach your desktop and wait for errors. If you get errors upon opening a program, try uninstalling the program and restart your computer to see of you still get the errors. Remember that programs and drivers can cause BSOD. Try to make sure that your drivers are up to date.
I hope this helps you in getting rid of that BSOD.
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How to fix Blue Screen of Death(BSOD)?


Hi Carlo,

Used also a registry repair to wipe out all junk registries in your computer, here is the link where you can download CCleaner if you don’t have it in your computer.

When you are done, just follow the simple and easy to follow installation, After installation is finished, double click the shortcut on the desktop, when its open it should be like this,
After installation is finish, double click the shortcut in the desktop

Just click the issues tab on the left side of the program and click the scan for the issues' button at the bottom of the program, when it’s done, click the fixed selected issues right beside the scan for issues button.

click the issues tab in the left side of the program and click the scan for issues button

A dialog box will pop up, just click no, then click the fixed all selected issues, after the scan has finished close the program, restart if needed.

click no, then click the fixed all selected issues

There your registry is clean.

Hope this help,

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