How to fix application won’t open issue?

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Hello mates,

I have Compaq personal computer and there is Microsoft Windows XP service pack two (2) installed on it. I am having a serious and frustrating issue with my computer machine. The issue I have for last few days is that my applications are not opening.

I want to tell you more about the problem that not too long before I first time got connected to the internet on my PC (which is infected now) and so the first thing I could do was downloading of virus protection program/app and some clean-up programs for my computer. I can not remember exactly what they were known as but I found an ad on the internet that explained they were the best ones and your money does not get you in this way.

But I totally regret it and didn’t care for those useful programs. But now, whenever my windows start up, I can observe that background will appear but without any icons and taskbar etc. Even though, after approximately 5 minutes they (icons/taskbar) appear but nothing works for me further.

Even, I can open start menu but if I click on anything (any program) it just closes immediately. I am very much confused due to this issue because I have tried different things to help myself (to get out of this situation) but I am not been successful till the point.

Firstly, I got into local disk drives; went to their properties and did a disk cleanup of each and after this process was done I restarted my PC. Really, my machine loaded quicker than usual but it would not let me log into my account or to click the turn-off (power button). After that I got stuck there.

Then, I tried running my window in safe mode and it fixed the issue of logging in but again my application will not open for me as like earlier. I also have tried disk de-fragmentation but it showered no positive effect for the solution of this problem. Honestly, I took only above mentioned three steps to fix this issue and now I have got no more courage and knowledge to fix it without anyone else’s help. That’s why I would like to ask, how to fix application won’t open issue?

I am asking for any suggestion clue, from all of you and hoping that some help will come soon.

Do you have any suggestions? I am interested.

Am waiting!

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How to fix application won’t open issue?



If your issue with the computer is  virus based or if it affects the computer working the way it is suppose to then I would suggest doing a complete system restore.
Here is the process of restoring your computer and scanning for viruses. Do not be surprised if some of your programs you installed are not on the computer anymore.
To log on, be sure that you are on an administrator account and then follow the instructions below.
1. Click the start button on the taskbar and click run or search.
2. Type ‘timedate.cpl.’ on the run or search bar.
3. Click okay or go.
4. If a dialog box that says  ‘Date  and Time Properties’ appears and says that you are a computer administrator. Click
Cancel or Okay to close  the box.
If you or the person restoring the computer is not signed in as an administrator, a dialog box that reads of ‘You don’t have the proper privilege level to change System Time’ will appear.
Now initiate the system restore by following these steps closely.
1. Click Start on the taskbar.
2. Find and click All Programs.
3. Hover the mouse pointer over the button that says ‘Accessories’.
4. Find and click System Tools and then find System Restore.
5. When the  ‘Welcome to System Restore’ page pops up, select the  ‘Restore my computer’ to an earlier time option.
6. Click Next.
7. On' Select a Restore Point’ page and select the new restore point that is on the list and click Next.
8. On the ‘Confirm Restore Point Selection’ page, click Next or okay.
9. This brings back the Windows XP configuration that you selected the computer will restart.
10. Sign in again with an administrator account and click Okay
On the ‘System Restore  Restoration Complete ’page. 
After completing this process your computer will be up and running again like new.
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How to fix application won’t open issue?



Additional solution after restore
After that, the following could be done to make sure that there are no viruses or spywares.
– Open the internet explorer.
– Type in : in the address bar.
– Software installed and has a full scan.
– When the scan finishes, a screen will open up, if viruses are detected, delete everything,
If ‘no malicious infections are found’  shows, it means that the computer is not infected by viruses.
– Install a virus protection software. If a virus protection has been installed, you shall have a full scan. After the scan finishes you will be informed the computer is infected by viruses or not.
Hope the above can help.
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How to fix application won’t open issue?



I have another solution for that:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00.

"Content Type"="application/x-msdownload"






@=""%1" %*"


@=""%1" %*"






[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTexefileshellexPropertySheetHandlersShimLayer Property Page]

Copy and paste this one to notepad and save it as xp_exe_fix.reg

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