How to find a new cpu replacement for a laptop

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I wanted to upgrade the cpu on my laptop and i was wondering which motherboard details and considerations do i need to check or take into consideration in order to acquire an upgrade of a new cpu for my laptop coz i saw an exact machine like mine only that it had high specs

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How to find a new cpu replacement for a laptop


If you want to upgrade the devices installed on your motherboard, the entire process or all the devices that you will replace or upgrade will still be based on the capacity of the motherboard itself. For example, the installed physical RAM. If you want to upgrade it and add more RAM to your computer, you should check the maximum amount of RAM that your motherboard allows.

Aside from that, when upgrading the memory, you should consider the type of operating system you are using. For example, you are using 32-bit Microsoft Windows and your motherboard allows up to 16 GB, it is not wise to upgrade the physical RAM to 16 GB if you are only running 32-bit Microsoft Windows.

This is because with 32-bit Microsoft Windows, the maximum amount of RAM that is efficiently utilized is only until 3.2 GB and the rest of the 16 GB is totally wasted. If you want to upgrade to 16 GB RAM, you should consider upgrading your operating system as well to 64-bit Microsoft Windows.

Also, upgrading to 64-bit Microsoft Windows will mean upgrading your processor as well. Because 64-bit Microsoft Windows will not be installed if a 32-bit processor is running on your CPU. To install 64-bit Microsoft Windows, you need to upgrade your processor to 64-bit. Upon installing Microsoft Windows and it detected 64-bit processor, it will automatically install the 64-bit version of the operating system.

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