Award winning speaker with ingenuity and class

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I would like to purchase a new speaker. I am thinking of buying Focal XS Book Wireless. What are the specifications of this speaker? How much is it? What are the materials used with this? Can use USB connector or it connects wirelessly? Can you show me steps on how to connect this with desktop or android phone? What are the jacks or connectors included in its package? What is the aPTX? How does it work? What is its core function with this speaker? Please provide feedback thank you!

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Award winning speaker with ingenuity and class


Hello Jessica!

Here are the specifications of the speaker and the price $399.99. Made of Aluminum tweeter and Poly-glass speakers. It uses Bluetooth for the convenience of connections. “aPTX” is an audio coding algorithm. It preserves audio quality between transfers and communication. In the package includes 4.9’ RCA cable, 4.9’ extension cable and 2-way wireless stereo monitor and also the user’s manual.

Here are the best features and specifications.

1.  RMS output power is 40 W

2.  Wireless speakers

3.  Ac Power cord

4.  60 Hz to 20 khz frequency

5.  Magnetically Shielded

6.  Enclosure

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