How to edit passport picture using Microsoft manager office?

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I want to edit my passport picture using Microsoft office picture manager.

But how would I do this?

Is there a step by step process on how to do this or any video tutorials will be much appreciated.

I need your help experts.

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How to edit passport picture using Microsoft manager office?


Hello Louise Bowl

With Picture Manager you can edit pictures, in the Edit Pictures task pane. Click on the Picture menu, the AutoCorrect to quickly fix your picture’s brightness, color, and contrast.

Steps to Resize the picture:

  • Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager by going to your Start menu and selecting the following items: Programs – Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Tools – Microsoft Office Picture Manager;
  •  Click the blue link to Add Picture Shortcut
  •  Find the location of the folder where you have stored the picture(s) that you want to edit then click Add button;
  • Where you will see the folder listed beneath My Picture Shortcuts in the left column, click on the folder name, which will show all the pictures stored in that folder in the middle column;
  •  Double click on the picture that you want to edit. The picture will be displayed in the middle column;
  • Click the Edit Pictures button;
  •  The Edit Pictures menu will open in the right column;
  •  Click the Resize link in the Edit Pictures menu;
  •  On the right you will see the Resize menu from where you can change the size of your picture.

In addition, you can also crop, rotate or flip and adjust the brightness and contrast of your picture.

I suggest this video tutorial

I hope this helps.

Best Research,

Chacho Terrado

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How to edit passport picture using Microsoft manager office?


Hi Louise,

That's a good question you have asked! If you want to edit your photo using Ms Office Picture manager, you need to know the various steps on how to go about it as follows;

  • Open Photoshop by going to Start > Adobe > Photoshop
  • Select the crop tool on the top left bar of the windows and try cropping it to fit the size you want
  • Select the rectangle tool to be able to fit the width you require


  • You can modify the picture also by selecting Modify -> Border to fit the width that you require still editing in the top-left panel
  • Select 'Resize' on the editing option to change the size
  • You can then make the number of passports that you want.
  • Here is the video procedure also that you can follow;

I hope this solves your problem          


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