How to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003

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I happen to have recently bought a new Sony 64 bit Notebook with windows 7 installed and I am able to back up the Operating System. On installing server 2003 as a second Operating System I had to partition the Notebook.

Now I am unable to boot into Windows & because it is missing and the reason I am thinking of being maybe server 2003 overwrites bootable.

I went ahead and reinstalled Windows 7 (using the Sony backup DVD) and partitioned the Notebooks’ HDD to create a new simple volume (drive D). I also installed server 2003 on this new drive D and the installation was successful. On restarting the Notebook, Windows 7 was missing again during Boot, but I am able to see it on the c files once I boot with server 2003.

Can someone instruct me on how to dual boot the two? All help is appreciated.

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How to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003


Hello Stacy

I am guessing that you haven't done something correct when installing either Windows 7 or Windows 2003.

If you already have Windows 2003 installed, then insert Windows 7 CD and restart the computer. Boot from the CD, and when it comes to installing the OS, please remake the partition in which you want to install Windows 7. Just delete it, and do it again.

However I will provide you with a link that will instruct you in order to solve you problem.

Booting dual OS

I hope you will find this information useful.


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