How to download the Mozilla Firefox

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I am new computer user. To operate my computer now need Mozilla Firefox for internet browsing.

This is emergency needed for me.

But do not know that how download the file or software.

Now I need the procedure of downloading file Mozilla.

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How to download the Mozilla Firefox


There are many ways to download Firefox. If you want to use the latest version of Firefox you can download from its own site but there are many problems in new versions so you can use the older versions of Firefox but the older version is not capable of defending viruses or attacks of treason or other harmful cookies. Firefox is one of the most secure and high speed browser.

So you can use it. It has its own site that is

That was a direct link, but the direct link provide the newest version of Firefox. So, there is a problem that was the new version is not capable of plug-in software so you can download older versions of Firefox. Many sites contain older versions of Firefox, they are :

These link have both older and latest versions of Firefox.

You can also download Firefox from there.

Thank you.

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How to download the Mozilla Firefox


You can either use a cd/DVD or you can use network to solve your problem. It is easy to download the Firefox  from network you just need to go to the any internet explorer if not available then you first need to install it from your cd/DVD and once done then you can go to this website and then from here you can find your web browser.

When your download is complete then you can install the program and once installed you are now connected to whole world and you can enjoy surfing over network. You can also update a explorer if you are installing from the cd/DVD and it will update it from the network.

I hope it will solve your problem and you will be easy with your surfing.


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