How to download and use latex spell grammar checker

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I want to use latex spell grammar checker. I would like to know the process to download and how to use it. What is the minimum  system requirement for it? Please help me with this.




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How to download and use latex spell grammar checker

 These are few LaTex editors that can check spellings:-  
1. Kile:- It is one of the best LaTex editors for the KDE desktop environment. It can check spelling and is available for Mac as well as for Windows 
2. Excalibur:- It is also a very good LaTeX spelling checker. It requires Mac OS X 10.2 or above 
3. CocoAspell:- It  is an Open Source spell checker which replaces Spell. It requires  Mac OS X 10.4 or above. To use it follow these steps :- 
a) Install CocaAspell from this Link
b) Go to System Preferences 
c) Open the spelling preference pane 
d) Choose the dictionary from the list 
e) Select the box "Tex/LaTex" on the right side 
f) Now go to Edit Menu 
g) Select Check spelling while typing
Hope it will help
Laz Zebbena

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