How do you use jquery in designing a webpage?

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Can you point me to a powerful tutorial for jquery? I mean a tutorial that is easy to understand and apply and get instant results? What are some best practices a programmer can adopt when developing website with jquery? What pitfall does a programmer has to look out for to ensure a smooth project execution when deploying jquery? Which common bugs do I have to take note of? How do you effectively debug codes having snippets of jquery lines? Which software will I have to use for the debugging process?

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How do you use jquery in designing a webpage?


There are many tutorials for jquery around the web, few real good ones which are easily understandable with good examples could be

Debugging in jquery like a pro article is useful, find it in below link

Regarding the best practices,

1. #id should be the start and move forward with that.

2. Tags usage before all classes is a point to be considered.

3. Memory issues, first initialize required memory and move forward with DOM because creation of memory directly in DOM is not considered a wise programming.

4. Performance issues to be monitored for which we can use subqueries in jquery because jquery allows more selector operations inside a set.

5. Referencing functionalities can be used in jquery for avoiding duplication of codes, because anyways the same results is what we are going to utilize so through global referencing the duplication codes can be omitted.

6. CPU utilization can be handled by binding jquery functionalities with proper events. so should be choosy in acheiving this.

You can also go through

2 pdf doc attachment available with the solution for functionality basics understanding.

Pitfalls in jquery that a developer has to take note of to avoid unnecessary issues are related to following headers

1. Selectors declaration, there are things to be noted in selectors like unscoped selectors, repetation with selectors.

2. Shortcuts created, but unutilised, should avoid this.

3. DOM, the main part, developer should be familiar with this otherwise it is sure a pitfall in jquery developement.

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How do you use jquery in designing a webpage?



How are you? Firebug is an especial type of bug that you may use to debug your jQuery. Visual Event is a JavaScript bookmark let that visually give you an idea about events that have been attached to DOM elements. Its places of interest the elements that have event listeners attached to them, the types of events and the code for the event handlers. Visual Event also supports look over jQuery events. Using Visual Event one can directly inspect the user code that handles jQuery events. There are many proxy software that you may use for jQuery. Among these you may use Fiddler and Charles. Learn more.

Moreen Jamnelly.

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How do you use jquery in designing a webpage?


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