How do you fix a BSOD?

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Hi friend,

How do you fix a BSOD without reformatting the PC?

Can you teach me the procedure on how to fix this?

Waiting for the solution.


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How do you fix a BSOD?


Hi Mia Walker,

Well, the black screen of death is caused by a lot of reasons. It could be caused by a corrupt file in your system folder, a new installation, a registry issue, or a virus. Mostly in these cases, it is caused by a new installation, and of course, a corrupt file. You see, if there is an improper installation it eventually leads to a corrupt file, or a registry problem so it means it could be a new installation that caused your black screen of death.

If ever you recently had an installation may it be a hardware installation or a software installation, then that must be causing your  black screen of death. Well, if this is the case, then a simple system restore should correct the problem.

To open system restore:

1. Click Start Button.

2. Go to Programs.

3, Go to Accessories.

4. Go to System Tools.

5. Click System Restore.

If you can get in to your Windows Operating System, then access Windows through Safe Mode.

1. Press f8 while you are still on the initial screens.

2. A menu appears choose enter Windows in Safe Mode.

3. Choose any those options in the following screen.

4. After that, you should be able to access Windows.

If a registry seems to be the problem, then just download registry cleaners in the internet. There should be free registry cleaners in the internet. Well, I suggest CCleaner. It is very easy to use.

Just try all of these. It should probably work. Hope it works.

Mathew Joni

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How do you fix a BSOD?


The video driver must be checked u have to check the following site:

This the most common o f BSOD (blue screen of death) the driver for some hardware installed but not installed right.

To run this utility you have to uninstall the video card in device manager and reboot the computer into safe mode. Once there

then run the DRIVER CLEANER.

This will surely solve your problem.

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