DVD ROM Drive not working

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When I press the Eject Button of my computer’s DVD-ROM Drive, it opens a bit and closes again automatically.

Now it became useless.

How can I make this drive work properly?

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DVD ROM Drive not working


To repair the DVD-ROM, follow the steps below:

Test the LED light on your optical drive and see if it will work while the computer is on. Press on the Eject button beside or below the DVD-ROM drive and see if the disk tray will work or if it will just stay on the drive. Restart your computer and then press the Eject button again if nothing happens when you continuously pressed the Eject button. This means your computer doesn't recognize the drive anymore. Search for the tiny hole on the DVD-ROM and use a paper clip end to press on it. Pull it carefully outwards and check if there are any objects blocking the tray from opening.

Click Start and then go to Control Panel. Click on the Device Manager and then search for the DVD/CD-ROM drive option. Right-click on it and select Update Driver Software. You will be prompted with a new window. Click Search for Drivers and wait till it finished on downloading. Restart your computer and try using the drive again. Eject the disk tray again and insert the DVD lens cleaner inside. Close it and then wait for the DVD to start automatically. Go to My Computer if your computer did not detect the cleaner. Check on the instructions on the manual of the DVD lens cleaner disk and see how long will it take for the DVD to spin. Eject the disk again when the right time elapsed. Insert another DVD and see if it will work this time.

Turn the computer off and pull the cables from the back of it. Open the CPU case after you unscrew it. Unscrew the DVD drive and slide it to take it out. And then spray it with canned air. Spray out on the drive bay to take the dusts out of it. Put the drive back and connect the screws. Remove the SATA cable from the DVD drive to your power supply and replace with new cables. Close the CPU case again and reconnect all the screws again. Turn your computer on and try to use the DVD drive again.

I hope this works out.

Teodora Skil

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DVD ROM Drive not working


Try restarting your system as in many cases this solves most of the issue. Confirm that there is no hardware issue like loosened Wire. There may be some fault with your Eject button.

To check the same ,Go to My computers > right click on the CD-ROM drive > click on Eject option.

It works similar to Eject button. If your CD-ROM ejects now , then there was for sure, some fault with your Eject button.

If this doesn't work, confirm that you have no software installed which is causing this problem. There are s/w that lock CD-ROM. You might have got it installed by mistake or can be a Virus. During the time of Boot up( better in safe mode), click the Eject button on ROM tray and test it.

If none of these work, then most probably your CD-ROM is defective.

Best solution is to get it replaced.

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