How do you change ethernet adapter speed?

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I was speaking to my ISP helpdesk the other since was having slow connections lately. He asked me to do to a lot of stuff over the phone, ran some speed tests, check browser and firewall settings, I was even asked to callback after running the antivirus/anti spam software.

He then suggested that I should perhaps change my ethernet card since it could be the issue. Now my problem here is I don’t have enough cash to buy a new one right now and I really need my internet to speed up, since I have a deadline to meet for my job. So, what he suggested to me was to try to contact my local tech and ask him to change the ethernet adapter speed.

And so I thought I’d go to you guys for help.

Could someone please advice on what to do here please????

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How do you change ethernet adapter speed?


Hi Daisy,

What's your ISP by the way?

Keep in mind that they could actually change the speed and duplex at the other end (on switch of the ISP) so that on your end you won’t have to do anything at all, the results are the same. Your ISP’s tech has actually support limitations or boundaries to follow with regard to the computer processes/ troubleshooting that they can do over the phone with you, that’s why perhaps they referred you to a local technician.

But that being said, here are the steps, Go to the Start Menu then Control Panel, once you have the Device Manager Screen, Please go to Network Adapter, Choose your ethernet controller(double click) then go to the Advance Tab, look for the value (link speed/duplex/media state). Put it into the value you desire or Auto negotiation. But each network card or ethernet card should auto negotiate itself already with the equipment that it’s connected to.

For example if it connects to a 100mbps equipment then it will run at 100. It would also help to check on your computers’ memory since it could also slow down your PC’s performance. How long have you had you PC? If you think that after calling your ISP and all other free technical support your PC is still running slow, you will actually find it more beneficial and cost/time efficient in the end if you actually have a technician diagnose your PC.

You just have to make sure though that the fault isn’t with your ISP, cause in the end even if you bought a new computer and if your ISP is the one that has the problem then you just wasted your money and time.

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How do you change ethernet adapter speed?


Hey Daisy, when your LAN card is installed it automatically detects and specify the speed depending on the speed availability of your LAN Card. For instance if you have a  100 mbs LAN card then its full speed is 100 mbs but you can decrease it to 10 mbs, by default upon install it is using the 100 mbs speed.

In your case I suggest you to change the reserve bandwidth the your OS since by default it reserve 20% of the bandwidth speed. Once you define it, you can now exercise the full speed your ISP gives you. On RUN window type gpedit. msc and press enter. Navigate to Computer configuration then Administrative templates, select QOS packet Scheduler, double click Limit reservable bandwidth, checked enable and define  bandwidth limit to 0. Click apply then OK.

Restart your computer for it to take effect.

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