How Do You Attach/Send Large Files Through Email?

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I need to send large files to my father every week through email but the problem is that it take so long and sometimes it won't allow me to attach large files.

How can I attach or upload large files on emails such as videos with 2GB? Please help me.

Thank you so much.


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How Do You Attach/Send Large Files Through Email?


There are 2 solutions that you have to send a large file through email:

  1. You can try decreasing the file size through compression. If you are using Windows XP or Vista, there is a built-in file compression utility in these systems. Right click the mouse button on any file that you would like to compress and select “Send to” and choose “Compressed (zipped) folder.” After that, you will get a new compressed file. Just take note that images, audio and video files cannot be compressed. This only works on text documents, spreadsheets or PDF files. Also, JPEG files are already compressed file format that is why zipping utilities will not be able to decrease its file size.

  2. If zipping the files does not get its size below the attachment size limit, you can try splitting the file into parts so you can easily attach them to email messages. Here is a free file splitter program that does not require installation. You just need to provide the source file name and point it to the directory in which it needs to save all the chunks.

  3. You can try using these,

  4. Another Zipping utility that you can use is KGB Archiver. You can use this as a compression tool. To download and install, please watch the video below:

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How Do You Attach/Send Large Files Through Email?



I agree that this can almost always frustrate users when they have to send large files to someone, but compressing the file mostly does not make it that much smaller and does not really help much when sending these type of files.

I am going to recommend that you try one of the following seeing as sending large files of up to 2 GB is almost certain to cause problems for you or the recipient as most ISP's put restrictions on the amount of data that you can send to a recipient as an attachment at a time:

With Cloud computing capability on the rise, a product called DropBox can help, as it is free to create an account. You basically can upload your large file into the DropBox cloud and your recipient can download it on their side. You can create your account, upload your file of up to 2.5 GB and then you can simply share your files with whom you choose and they can simply download the file on their side.

There are other services that also work well like hugeattach that allows you to download the application, install it and upload your file to the web, but also including the recipient's email address.

This will send an email to the recipient with the download link and a short message that states the reason for the message, from who it is, where the file can be located and off you go !

The recipient receives their file, using their bandwidth to acquire it.

I would recommend that you try Dropbox first and let me know how this works for you as I am certain that you will find this tool very handy.

Lastly, there is also a product called Dropsend. This works in the same manner as DropBox !

Please advise if this solution solves your frustration 🙂


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How Do You Attach/Send Large Files Through Email?


Email is not the best for sending big files; you may want to try file transfer applications such as Binfer which works more like an email and has no limit to the file size. Binfer allows you to send many files without compromising the size and no need for uploading them; the files are transferred directly from one device to another. Check out this site.

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