How to do Multicast Routing using Cisco 4500

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I have a requirement where I want to do a Multicast Routing between VLan 2 and VLan 3 and then a separated VLan Routing for VLan 4, VLan 5, and VLan 6. I will use a Cisco 4500 with Sup 7, I need help on how I can configure this. Thanks for your help.

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How to do Multicast Routing using Cisco 4500




This can be accomplished in 4 general steps:


  1. Enable your routing parameter.

  2. Choose your multicast routing protocol. The types include core-based trees, distance vector MRP, multicast extn to OSPF, protocol independent in sparse mode, and protocol independent in dense mode.

  3. Set the multicast threshold.

  4. Save your configuration.

Consult Cisco literature for detailed and hardware-specific information pertaining to this task.

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