How to do Keyboard Shortcuts

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I worked in a job called "data entry". As much as possible I want to finish my work as fast as I can to earn extra credits from my employers and for me to finish my work on time as well.

My job is basically to do copy paste of information.

How do I do shortcut by using keyboard?

I think it is more convenient for me to finish my work on time.

What are the other shortcuts that I can apply related to my work?

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How to do Keyboard Shortcuts



Being a professional typist you should have a lot of awareness about the Keyboard shortcuts while in typing of data you should use keyboard short cut keys to finish your work as quick as you can.

Because keyboard short cut keys are very convenient in data typing while its MS word or excel.

But you never mentioned about this on which you want to use keyboard short cut keys because in MS-office its different in MS-word and in MS- Excel.

But you can find some short cut keys related to MS Word.

Ctrl + B to  data bold.

Ctrl + I. to data Italic.

Ctrl + U to underline the data.

Ctrl + F2 to get print preview of data.

Ctrl + J to justify the data.

Ctrl + C. to centralized the data.

There are various short cut keys which are very convenient for a typist.

Hope this will help you.

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How to do Keyboard Shortcuts



We are all trying to get things accomplished as productively as we can these days.

Since you are in the data-entry business you probably use a lot of Excel worksheets, in that case I will list some shortcuts that will help you in your field.

  • Ctrl+semi:colon will enter the current date in the field your in.
  • Ctrl+Shift+apostrophe will copy the value from the cell above.
  • Ctrl+Shift+semi;colon will enter the current time in the field you are in.
  • Ctrl+apostrophe will copy the formula from the cell above.
  • Ctrl+D will copy the formula from above with a relational reference.
  • Ctrl+R will fill data to cells to the right of the one you are in.
  • Ctrl+D can also fill data down from the cell you are in.
  • Alt+Enter will enter a line break.
  • Ctrl+C copies the information of the cell you are in.
  • Ctrl+V will enter the information you just copied.

These shortcuts should help you when working in Excel.

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