How do I refresh java table?

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Can any one tell me, how do I refresh table using java language in desktop application?

Actually I made one application that take input from user and save into database.

But java table does not show new data which i inputted into database.

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How do I refresh java table?


Actually you need to create an updatable result set if you want to be able to edit things in the future using JavaScript. In the create Statement part of your Result Set, you need to put a constant as CONCUR_UPDATABLE. You can check whether a table is updatable or not. You can use Java code: int concurrency = uprs.getConcurrency(); to check if the table is updatable. Value 1008 indicates that it is updatable.

You can now use other Java codes to edit the table and update the data. You must call the update Row before moving your cursor or else your update will not take effect. You can use the following sample to generate it by placing the word "change" with the replaced value. 




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