How do I make ppt image to blow up?

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I will be having a presentation on the following week so I need to make a PowerPoint images that can be enlarge or decrease the size when I click the image. Is this possible? I am running PowerPoint 2007 and I am looking for step-by-step procedures on how to do it.

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How do I make ppt image to blow up?



I have your question about powerpoint's animations, when you say blowing up did you mean explode or just make the image bigger? either way you could use this tutorial on making the specific powerpoint image to blow up. And about the second animation, sure you could do multiple animation on a single slide but with ppt 2007 its a little difficult but you could use this add-in to make it easier

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How do I make ppt image to blow up?


Hi Rydersalvador,

Currently PPT 2007 has no “explode” animation for images yet. However, you can play around with the animations to make it look like exploding. Example below:

  1. Select Image(of course)
  2. Add an Entrance Effect called  “Grow/Shrink”
  3. Add another effect called “Box”
  4. Add Another effect called “Dissolve Out”
  5. Set up the timing.

Adding the Grow/Shrink enlarges the image giving it the concept of how explosion works. The box will make the image flash a bit followed by the “Dissolve” which will make the picture break into pieces. This is just my own idea and I know you can figure something out. Play around with the animations. Keep us posted!

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How do I make ppt image to blow up?


Hi Rydersalvadorr,

This is how you achieve the exploding effect in PowerPoint

  1. Go to the slide you want to apply the effect
  2. Go to the ppt image you want to explode, right click on it and select Custom Animation.
  3. Click on Add Effect, select Exit then choose Dissolve Out
  4. Then Click on Add Effect again and select Exit and on the options choose Zoom
  5. Under the Custom Animation window, change the zoom setting. First change Start from "On Click" to "With previous". And then change Zoom from "Out" to "In".

You can also download a PowerPoint template that already has the explosion effect. It is easier this way but it’s more fun when you do it from scratch.

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