Cannot erase old Lite-on drive

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I am just trying to use another Lite-on drive despite an old one but when I attempted to erase an error message occurred as you can see below. What could be the problem with this? Have any idea to resolve the following issue? I hope you can provide me the best solution to fix this problem. I will be grateful to you.

Lite-On Erase

The Target f:/w in does not appear to match the attached drive!

This is based on a comparison of the drive barcode.

Please make sure you have DVDKey32.

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Cannot erase old Lite-on drive


HI, since you're using an old drive I think the keys you have are from the 8350C. If this is the case, then they won't automatically copy over, hence the error. However, since the keys essentially remain the same, the solution is simple. 

1. Load the 0251c drive using 8350C key (proceed only if you have original keys)

2. Extract 0251c key  using Probe 3

3. Ignore erase message and proceed. 


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